Our Firm Values


P&S Legal Advocacy adheres to sound moral and ethical principals to restore our clients to a state of undiminished condition. Our lawyers and advocacy teams really listen to our clients. We strive to understand the intricacies of the situation, and continuously strive to foster stable, trusting relationships. These strong, candid relationships extend beyond our clients and include our colleagues, the courts, and our supporting agencies. Our professional personnel are dedicated to life-long learning in pursuit of excellence within our respective fields of endeavor.


P&S Legal Advocacy provides representation that is free of pretense and characterized by the ability to shed light on the pertinent issues. Our legal team possesses excellent analytical skills that allow them to make sense of large volumes of information. Once the situation is properly analyzed, extensive research is conducted to prepare a legal strategy befitting the pertinent information of the case. The strategy results from logical, reasonable assumptions and judgments based on the information presented.


P&S Legal Advocacy investigates each situation and carefully calculates methods to obtain the most tangible, beneficial outcome. P&S Legal attorneys are creative and provide reasonable solutions to unique situations. Our team is willing and able to dedicate the hours of research, writing, and analysis necessary to get the job done. Our professionals persevere to understand the complex issues encountered and present the issues in compelling, easily understood writings and oral presentations.