Contract Review

Ms. Pricer, Founding Partner of P&S Legal Advocacy, PLLC, specializes in Contract Review and provides said services for small-to-medium sized businesses, non-profits, educational entities, and individuals. For each contract, Terms & Conditions are reviewed and analyzed for contract language (Wording, Enforceability and Insurability), exculpatory clauses and difficult or ambiguous language. Contractual liability exclusions (Hold Harmless Clauses), liquidated damages, schedule delay and force majeure clauses are reviewed and explained to each client. Analysis on the privity of contract and subcontract administration issues is conducted. Contract Indemnification Agreements that detail the limits of contractual liability via various form types: Limited, Intermediate, and Broad Form (a.k.a., the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) are simplified for the client. Third party actions and subcontract indemnification clauses, risk assumption, risk transfer, risk allocation and risk mitigation are verified for legality and equity. Client Contract Liabilities and Exposures delineated in the Breach of Contract Clauses (Warranty, Bonding and Subcontractor Default) are covered extensively. Various damages clauses are reviewed to ascertain the liquidated, consequential and punitive damages assigned to the client. P&S Legal Advocacy, PLLC will provide Contract Administration and Claim Management services for clients serving as a client advocate with an objective view for Client Contract Negotiation. Additionally, P&S will aid clients in Contract Claim Prevention via Change Order and Claim Analyses (a.k.a., Forensic Project Management).

In Depth

P&S Legal Advocacy’s Method for Effective Contract Management