Restorative Justice Project

Project Overview

The P&S Legal Advocacy Oklahoma Restorative Justice Project (PSLA-ORJP) is designed to address the severe lack of access to legal assistance for victims of interpersonal violence (IPV); the scarcity of properly educated and trained attorneys available to represent said victims; and the lack of community awareness to the life altering impact of IPV by establishing a formal collaboration between P&S Legal Advocacy,  state-certified IPV service providers, tribal service providers, victim witness coordinators, faith-based partners, and grassroots advocacy organizations.

Since 1997 Ms. Hukill has personally worked through at least eight federally funded projects that provided legal services and/or community awareness. During this sixteen year period, she has witnessed effective programs being created, implemented, and administered only to disappear when federal funding was no longer available. Due to this pattern, the victims suffer, the system/communities suffer, and the attorneys serving the victims and programs suffer.

The victims of interpersonal violence suffer because legal services are inaccessible or nonexistent leaving them more vulnerable to their abuser who often can afford and obtains legal representation. The systems/communities suffer because they are unable to effectively keep victims safe or hold the offender accountable when the victim does not have proper legal representation.

The attorneys suffer because victims, other service providers, and even judges continue to contact them begging for pro bono representation only to be told that the highly trained and experienced attorneys from whom they are seeking service are unable to provide pro bono representation because they have been forced to seek other employment due to the legal assistance projects being defunded and a lack of local resources to sustain the programs. Many times, these attorneys have established private practices and are barely eking out a living for their own families due to taking too many of IPV cases which begin as paying clients but turn into essentially pro bono cases or devoting the majority of their time and expertise to non-profits and government agencies charged with addressing IPV within our state.
The Project Narrative and Budget PDF will be available for download soon


Project Highlights